You can waste a lot of time finding productivity tools. To help you out, these are the apps that get things done here at wink.

What is the single best software product to help you get things done?

A lot of people spend a considerable amount of time to find that one perfect platform that does it all and it’s likely that it never will be found.

But in reality there is a considerable choice of platforms that do one thing well.

After plenty of trial and error, here are 5 of the productivity software platforms that have worked for us from companies who nail the one thing they’re designed to do well.


For personal tasks, is a simple, yet clever cross-platform app for seamlessly staying ticking off your to do list in the popular GTD format.

Create boards for different projects, sort between work and life, focus on just the main items for the day or collaborate with others, it does it all and it does it without confusion. task management

2. Trello

Trello is a great task collaboration tool for groups. It is simple to start using, but there are a lot of brilliant features behind the scenes, which after figuring out, made us realise the true beauty of this simple, interactive tool.

Trello project collaboration platform

3. Workflowy

When it comes collating a substantial document full of notes, information or ideas, Workflowy is the best platform hands down.

Where mind maps and inception come together in one neat bullet list.

Expand, contract, focus, filter, share – you can really shift between a massive amount of documentation all in one file, without hurting your brain.

Beyond that, a hashtag feature that lets you tag paragraphs in multiple sections and instantly surface them onto one neat page is our favourite feature.

Workflowy notebook for lists

4. Sunrise

Sunrise is valued for its easy integration with all products from Google. Add multiple Google Calendars, use Google Maps data for meeting navigation, and add entries faster.

It doesn’t seem like much, but it definitely optimised a frequent daily process.

Sunrise Calendar

5. Stickies

This product isn’t exactly a platform or complex app, but the amount of use it gets puts it on this list.

Add it to you app bar and you’ll have simple sticky notes that load instantly, compared to the note taking apps that take an internet connection or somewhat of a wait to load. Stickies lets you quickly jot down notes or items you’ll need later in the day.

Stickies for mac